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Ian Huntley has been sentenced to life in prison for the murder of two schoolgirls, Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman-an incident which took place in the village of Soham in Cambridgeshire (not Surrey, as I had said before, thanks to WolfDave), England.

His defence was remarkably ineffective against a case which evoked such emotion in virtually every person in the UK, as his claims that the girls were not at his house on the night they went missing could be countered by mobile phone triangulation and other forms of evidence. The man's defence said that while the two girls both died in Huntley's house, Huntley played no part in their deaths. This did not stand, mainly due to the application of common sense, and police evidence showing that Huntley asked whether the girls' clothes had been found, when the police did not know that the girls had been separated from their clothes. This aroused suspicion within the force.

Huntley worked as caretaker at the Soham primary school (that is how he knew the girls) but how he managed to get a job at said school was called into question by the Home Office, after they discovered a large number of complaints for sexual assault against Huntley. By law, he should never have been able to work with children at all, let alone work in a school. Because of this, it is thought that "Ian Huntley" is only a pseudonym.

After the trial, Huntley's mother came out in the press saying that she wanted her son to be hung for his crimes, echoing the views of some sectors of society.