Downloader for X is a download manager for Unix-alike operating systems (i.e Linux). It requires the GTK libraries and, unsurprisingly, X.

The program is simple to use. To start a new download, go to File > New Download, paste in the URL of the file you want to download and-unless you want to add fancier options-hit OK. You can then use the traffic light buttons in the main window to pause or stop the download. In this respect, the program is a lot like the Win32 program Download Accelerator, except without the formers-admittedly rather useless-acceleratory capabilities.

From a toolbar on the right hand side of the main window, a wealth of options can be accessed:

  • A log file viewer
  • An URL manager
  • An FTP search tool, like Mac OS's Sherlock
  • A filtering tool
  • A download scheduler

d4x can also have multiple queues, meaning that files can be kept seperate from each other as they download simultaneously, reducing clutter and making the display easier on the eye. It is also possible to throttle downloads, to avoid using all bandwidth available and leaving some free for general web use. Another nice touch is that the program can embed itself in the GNOME panel, meaning it can work just as smoothly as GetRight, GoZilla or DAP.

The progam is known by a number of names. First it was called NetThief, but this was changed to Downloader For X, or d4x for short. My system's panel says it is called WebDownloader for X, but most just call it by its TLA.

Debian and APT-RPM users can install d4x by simply apt-getting it (although Debian users will have to enable non-free in apt beforehand). Users of other distros can get it from the homepage at