DietK is a small program available as an addon to the KaZaA Media Desktop peer to peer networking application.

What does it do?
By default, KaZaA ships with several applications which do nothing to enhance the usefulness or effectiveness of your computer or indeed the KaZaA program itself (spyware and adware). These programs usually display adverts, or in some cases even surreptitiously take your personal details and send them back to an anonymous company. Naturally, many computer users like KaZaA's network, but not these little spyware pilgrims on the grand old FastTrack Mayflower.

DietK goes through your KaZaA setup and removes the spyware and adware, piece by piece, removing all registry entries and DLLs and replacing them with versions that, while being no different through the eyes of KaZaA, contain none of the ad/spyware. It uninstalls all of the extra software that comes bundled with KaZaA, leaving a squeaky clean spyware free Windows setup.

How to use it
1) Download both Kazaa and DietK.
2) Install KaZaA. DO NOT LAUNCH IT.
3) Install DietK and run it.
4) You'll be confronted with lots of windows. If it asks you to uninstall something, say you want to. This is the spyware being removed.
5) From now on, instead of launching KaZaA, launch DietK.

Neat! What else can it do?
It increases the maximum search results to an absurdly high figure, and every so often does a "Find More Sources" on running downloads, getting more download sources and making them faster. It also removes the ad-laden KaZaA homepage and replaces it with a simpler, quicker one, and replaces the KaZaA web search option with a Google one.

Handily, it can also shut down Windows automatically when all downloads are finished.

Cool. Where can I get it? You can get KaZaA from