The ultimate in Flash comedy genius.

The Demented Cartoon Movie was made by Brian Kendall, and while lacking in any artistic integrity whatsoever and being absolutely pisspoor in the artistic stakes, the movie succeeds on the fact that it's 30 minutes of non-stop Monty Python aping laughter. Things explode for no reason. Weights drop on things for no reason also. In fact, nothing whatsoever has a reason for happening in the Demented Cartoon Movie and its strange little town of Qrrbirlbrrbel (or something like it, it's something random and pointless...much like the movie itself.) and nor will it ever. I mean, in this film you die if you say "blah" and nuclear explosions occur if you utter "zeeky boogy doog"...why? No reason.

Protagonists of the film include Mighty Blah, a superhero (who says blah a lot, and is therefore cut short in his plan to fight evil), Evil Blah (a person only slightly more insane than everyone else, and the arch enemy of Mighty Blah) and the Zeeky Bomb (who appears at random points and says "zeeky boogy doog", thereby nuking things). And lets not forget Fooby, the kamikaze watermelon, whose job is obvious.

The whole movie is insane, pointless and rather inane. You really should watch it some time. And you can, at:
Followup: Brian Kendall made a followup movie, "The Greatest Present Ever". The Greatest Present Ever, by the way, is a sinister device to BLOW UP THE MOON!. This movie contains the genius phrase "Fun Happy End!" which should be shouted many, many times while watching The Matrix Reloaded, as soon as the power plant explodes. Fun Happy Writeup End!