Colds irritate me immensely. The common cold virus is, quite possibly apart from the chicken, the most pointless organism that inhabits the earth. More to the point, it's one of my reasons for being atheist, because if there was a God he would have to be more loving than to unleash this disease upon the earth. Unless he's a sadistic bastard, and I'm not going to dance around the idea that any God that would WILLINGLY create this...THING, must be either a complete nutter or a sadist.

God-bashing aside, I also hate cold weather. This is the sort of cold weather where there is frost on the inside of the windshield and you're shivering even in a heated room under a hot shower, and unhappily for me, this is the sort of "cold" that currently inhabits SE England. Happily for me, school has finally relented and I'm actually sitting in an IT lab, wearing a Linux T-shirt and noding. Yay. Right now, someone is also asking me why I'm "obsessed" with Linux. Generally, the fact that I have filled the vacuum left by my complete absence of a life with a certain penguin-fronted OS means I will forever be either trying to sort out the annoying sound crackling on my Debian box (I'm using the via82c68xx or something like that name anyway...it's OSS, that's all I know...anyone able to help?) or preparing myself for the NYE party (which will rock-JuK + ethernet + Apollon + 19in Monitor = MUSIC MACHINE!). No doubt some horror will befall the PC a few minutes before the party, and it will have to go fsck itself, which takes about 15 minutes.

And as a little endy thing to this, would Linda Barker please die and spare us from those irritating adverts that she's in? This would not be a crime or an immeasurable loss, this would be a public service. I have bleach, a cup and a two-by-four if anyone wants to invite her over. Please? I have money*!

*Promise of money may not be binding, you are advised to check that it is actually Linda Barker and not some unfortunate person who happens to look like her. Killing someone who is not the real Linda Barker may result in prosecution by the authoritative law enforcement in your area. Batteries not included.