1. Place a quarter in the crook between your thumb and forefinger, then hold the coin in place with your thumb.
  2. Push the coin toward the back of your hand so it won't be visible to anyone looking at your palm.
  3. Go up to a small child and say, "Hey, look! Do you see the quarter floating in the air?"
  4. After the child says, "What quawter? There'f no quawter thayw! You cwazy!" then point out the invisible quarter with your free hand.
  5. After the child has made more slurs about your intelligence and inherent poopoo-headedness, make a grab at the air, quickly slipping the coin from between your fingers to the palm of your hand. Practice this part beforehand.
  6. Open your hand and show the child the quarter. Bask in the little pillbug's consternation.