Fondly Fahrenheit is a science fiction novelette by Alfred Bester. A newly arrived plantation owner on a hot and sultry planet has a personal android that looks so like him even he's not sure which one he is anymore. The android suffers from temperature-related psychotic episodes. When the mercury goes over 90°F, the android is no longer all reet in the heat. A murder is brought to their door, and neither the human nor the android have a good alibi.

Published 1954 in Fantasy and Science Fiction; reprinted in the collections Starburst, Virtual Unrealities, OMNI, and Cyber Killers.

Clark Humphrey on says it's a "futurization of John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men premise."

I read the OMNI version but only vaguely remember the acompanying illustration. Wouldn't this work well as an episode of The Twilight Zone? The android actor could have a CG skin applied to closely match the other actor, so that only mannerisms and odd tricks of light would give away the difference between the android and the owner. I suppose one talented actor could do both parts more cheaply, though.