That's right, happy noders of the English Persuasion - my girlfriend, under the influence of an ill-advised (ie, expensive) bout of Christmas Cheer(tm) is taking me to England in January. We'll be flying into Heathrow on January 14th, tooling around London for a bit, heading to Exeter for a few days, coming BACK to London and winging our way back to New York Fuckin' City on the 22nd.

Yes, that's hazy. It's late and she's asleep or I'd have more info for you, like actual travel plans and stuff. That's her department. I'm just supposed to take pictures and drink a lot. I think I can handle that.

The point being, if anybody would like to meet up and let me take pictures of things and drink a lot, lemme know. I'll be more than happy to oblige.

UPDATE: She's up. We will be in Exeter January 19th and 20th. Everything else is up for grabs. "The 20th you'll" (me) "need to be entertained," she says. So if any of you are closer to Exeter, we could make a day of that as well.