A house in our neighbourhood is being roofed.

The roofers took a break, briefly, atop the place. Elevated and keeping social distance, their voices carried, at least to anyone passing by, and I was passing by. I wanted to get some exercise now that I'm working from home again, and the nearest grocery store is a reasonable walk.

One man smoked. Apparently, they're not supposed to be doing that.

"You don't get away with anything on this street. Alma will report you."

"This ain't Alma's house."

"No, you don't understand. Alma will call. She called on Zach last year, and he was only vaping. She also said we were swearing."


"Alma sees everything."

I knew exactly whom they meant. Alma, indeed, could be a notorious busybody. I suppose I could have told them that she moved out a year ago, and now lives in a seniors apartment. However, I cannot say for certain she doesn't do spot-checks of the old neighbourhood and, in any case, the matter seemed none of my business.