GTS stands for GT Styling or Gran Turismo Styling. In essence, it is a way of hotting up cars to a near-Gran Turismo (GT) specification without manufacturing them as a pure GT. Cars labelled 'GTS' usually come from the manufacturer, but parts are available to buy for many cars to turn the standard model into something a little more special. A good example is Ford's XA and XB Falcons during the seventies (There was never an option for an XC GT, due to reduced legal emission levels. A Ford XA Falcon ute with a 351ci Cleveland engine with 2V heads is a GTS, not a GT (which would be required to have 4V heads to be correctly called a GT). The GT/GTS divide has caused many an argument between auto enthusiasts determined to prove their car is a top GT.

It is worth noting however, that some cars do not have GT badging as the top model; for example the Holden HQ Monaro GTS 350, and Dodge Viper GTS; both examples of badging where the 'GTS' version is the best.

GTS also stands for...
  • Global Telecommunications System
  • The GNU Triangulated Surface Library
  • The General Theological Seminary of the Episcopal Church
  • Gaming Terrain System