The R160 subway car is the newest (at the time of writing, January 2006) and possibly the largest car order in history. The R160 contains features similar to its predecessor, the R143.

  • Each car is 60.5 feet long. The MTA no longer orders 75 foot cars, see also R44, R46, and R68
  • There are no strip maps. Instead, there will be a computer display that can display any routing, and it's colorful too. It also comes in handy when trains get re-routed.
  • The information display has a black outline, instead of the original white, giving a nice effect.

It has been a sketchy topic where the trains will go. It has been hinted that it will go to the Coney Island Yard, which are home to the B, F, N, Q, W lines. Far-flung guesses even include the Staten Island Railway. It is also likely that some will go to the J, M, Z and the L. The cars are being delivered (at time of writing) and are set for testing in Summer of 2006.