"Faxe Kondi" is a Danish soft drink made of grape sugar. It's made by the Danish brewery "Faxe Bryggeri A/S".

Perhaps the reason for its popularity in Denmark is due to the marketing, witch is made through sponsorships to several national “heroes” from the sports scene; Jesper Olsen, Anne Dorthe Tannerup, Michael Laudrup, Brian Laudrup and Peter Gade. Besides that, “Faxe Kondi” is a former sponsor for the Danish Premier League (Superligaen), which was called: “The Faxe Kondi league” It’s available in the following wrappings: Plastic bottles (50cl and 150cl.), Glass bottle (25cl) and cans (33cl).

I'll guess it hasn't reached a popular level on the other side of the Danish borders, and that's a shame, because it's very tasty. The type of taste that indicates a “Faxe Kondi” is rather like Sprite or 7 Up, if you remove some of the lemon flavour and a bit of the carbon oxygen. So when I lump them together I don’t think I’m being too far off the mark.

Believe it or not, but some people in Denmark prefers "Faxe Kondi" instead of Coca Cola.