The Wispa bar is a chocolate bar made by Cadbury, arguably Britain's finest chocolate manufacturer. It consists of bubbly, light milk chocolate covered in a thin outer later of chocolate. They are similar to Aero, but with a different taste and smaller bubbles, leading to a uniquely velvety texture. The good people at Cadbury have recently expanded the Wispa family, with new flavours and variations of the Wispa bar. These include:

  • Wispa Gold, with a layer of caramel.
  • Wispa Mint, with a layer of minty fondant.
  • Wispa Bites, which I'm not actually sure about. I know that they're a smaller version of the Wispa, suitable for popping directly into the gob, but I don't know if they have crunchy biscuit or not. I don't think it'd work, personally, but whatever floats your chocolatey boat...

For more information about the Wispa bar, I recommend Cadbury's (pretty awful, but better than nothing) website at