Well, I played both the Genesis and the arcade versions of this game. The arcade version had better graphics, but no funny intro, and no rapid fire. This meant that after about 30 minutes of playing this game I realized it would only lead to the early onset of carpal tunnel syndrome, so I went over to the Genesis version.

When you start off you are in your Zig which can shoot one puny red bullet. You will soon want to pick up a powerup.

The powerups are dispensed from these slow moving ships which the enemy apparently has left around the bases so that they can get destroyed and give you a powerup. There are five kinds of powerup, and all of them have three levels except the last. Having any of the weapon powerups will give you these two floating, indestructible gun platforms above and below you. The weapon powerups also change the color of your Zig's window.

  • Red Bullet Powerups - your Zig and gun platforms will shoot increasing numbers of red bullets as you gain these powerups, but they still suck.
  • Blue Laser Powerups - your Zig and gun platforms shoot one blue laser each, which quickly travels in a straight line across the screen, and increasing in strength as you pick up more powerups.
  • Green Missile Powerups - your Zig and gun platforms shoot a lot of homing missiles. The more enemies on the screen, the more you shoot. They increase in power as you gain more powerups. They also do heavy amounts of damage, making this the best weapon.
  • Speed Powerups - your Zig goes faster as you pick up more.
  • Super Bomb - it is held like you would hold a ship with the tractor beam, and when you release it, or when it is hit, it makes a nice big deadly explosion.

After I got the strongest missile powerup, I never stopped using it due to my Genesis emulator's save and restore functions.

Your Zig also had the aforementioned tractor beam. You could grab powerups with it, hold super bombs, and most importantly hold enemy ships captive. You could then use these ships as a shield or shoot them at other enemy ships. After you take a ship captive, it can never threaten you again, so with a few enemies it was easier to run up and capture them than destroy them. You could carry small enemy ships with no speed penalty, and some larger ships, but the larger ships would drag you down and make you slow.

Your gun platforms, being entirely invulnerable, could also be used as shields or to destroy enemy ships.

I spent the game constantly shooting my missiles while evading enemy fire and sometimes grabbing an enemy ship to shield me. At the end, I was rewarded with "CONGRATULATIONS!" and some purple jelly bean things dancing.

The levels have absolutely nothing to do with the intro, except that you are flying a Zig. You never again see this "Cats" character. The levels range from some water planet, an asteroid base, a tunnel, and an alien hive. My favorite part was the alien hive, where one of the mini bosses was two alien creatures who would MATE right in front of you and then spawn tons of small alien flying things.

However, you are supposed to beat the game six times over, and if I ever get around to this, maybe there is a better ending.