Peacefully the Angels stood over me making a shroud with their arched and interlocking arms, veiling the eternal light from above. And to their surprise I felt no loss or sorrow, for the light I truly longed for was in her dark eyes. And in that moment of realization I notice a crow watching me from its perch on a nearby stone. “A Lie,” It said in my direction, and as it did so the stone split in two. From its new crevasse came a monstrous dark and evil looking raven that swallowed up the crow through its razor beak.

I would have ran but were it for the thought of her. This raven would destroy everything that spoke of truth; and so I ran towards it and began beating it as hard as I could. With one smooth motion the raven’s beak stabbed at me searing my heart, and yet I fought on. Climbing onto its back I wrapped my arms around its bulky neck, trying in vein to choke it into death. But I felt failure as I was thrown high into the air. And to my surprise I landed softly in the palm of an angel. The crow flying at me was struck by the suddenly unconcealed light and fell instantly into the abyss from whence it came. And when this light struck my empty heart I too fell, for I could be not without her.