Pedestrians walk the streets. The day is a healthy
yellow, for that is the nature of the buildings that
pedestrians walk under. The product of something is
formed by its creator's nature, and thus natural. What is
natural is healthy right?

      The pedestrians are very ill.  

    The trees along the pedestrian's path rain down stems from their branches.
 Pedestrians eat the stems.

      The pedestrians become healthy.  

    Carpet knights arrive in calefaction-beasts. Vigilant
eyes never reddened stare and slap stems from hungry
mouths. When all the stems lay on the ground, they shrivel
beneath the round-witted carpet knights.
The knight's calefaction-beasts eat them and leave.


     Mirrors can only see one side and action what they see.  

     An unflowered lady coughs with a hand on her papoose,
in the wake of the calefaction-beasts.        Another healthy profit is born.  

     Heaven forbid not living, for not living is not
and not thinking is not sinning and not
sinning is a sin against heaven indeed.


    Sin to smile around a forked tongue. Open wide the
mouth and double standard while walking one side. But the
tongue is yours.


    Write, index, contradict, repeat.   

The process makes us sick, the processed. So sick we
vomit: on the book, over the book, under the book and
around the book. Where's the janitor? I swear the service
in this world. Janitor? Honestly look at it, the stench is
awful and someone should do something.

   and do somethingand do something.
   and do somethingand do something.  

    Action is the action of the desperate. Inaction is
the action of the noble. Inaction and stultiloquy,
inaction and stultiloquy, inaction and stultiloquy, are the
actions of