J-B Weld is one of the best adhesives I have ever come across. J-B Weld will adhere to iron, steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, pewter, wood, porcelain, ceramic, plastic, and more.

Instructions for use: Mix equal amounts of both tubes together on a disposable surface. Apply desired amount of the mixture to the cleaned surface of the object with a putty knife, spoon, wooden paddle, or other suitable tool. Wait 4 to 6 hours before handling, however it needs to sit for about 15 hours before use. J-B Weld’s maximum temperature is 600 degrees Fahrenheit and its tensile strength is 3960 PSI.

Examples of use: A parts store in Waco, Texas repaired a 20-ton hydraulic jack with J-B Weld and saved $99.00. The city of Dallas, Texas repaired a cracked Caterpillar engine block with J-B Weld and saved $4,000.00 plus 30 days down time. A lady from Seattle repaired her cracked kitchen disposal with J-B Weld. Lastly in Bangor, Maine a computer gamer repaired his discontinued Sidewinder Dual Strike game pad in time to dominate Unreal Tournament in a recent LAN party.

J-B Weld can be purchased at most home improvement stores for about $4.