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age : 23
height : 6'5"
weight : 175lbs
hair : naturally red, currently blue
eyes : grey

There, now that that's out of the way we can get to the meat of the issue shall we? If you're reading this, you seem to have some vague interest in what makes me up as a human being. if that's not true, then you can always wander off and find something interesting to do. Personally I'm currently prepping my pet theory for broadband disclosure.

I'm titling my piece Pop Culture and God and I'm kinda interested in what people have to say about what I dumped up so far.

I write DHTML and PERL code for a living. I enjoy being a techie a lot. I actually get a kick out of elegant code.

In my spare time I'm taking up fencing and doing some courses by distance education. In the fal I'm hoping to get "an intruduction to biblical Hebrew" and "Christian sexual ethics".

I'm very interested in the psychology of faith.

I'm also into body modification (I have 2 tattoos and 9 assorted piercings the locations of which we won't get into)