Nestor - 'Ulysses' - James Joyce

9-10 am
'The School'
Stephen - Telemachus
Deasy - Antinous
Sargent - Pisistratus
Mrs. O'Shea - Helen
-- No symbol yet. Telemachus has no body yet!
Art/Science: HISTORY

As in Nestor's love for horses, Deasy has the same
affection for them too. Also, while Nestor 'boasts' about
the Greek heroes, Deasy rants about the Englishmen.
Deasy wants Stephen to bring his article about 'foot and
mouth disease' to the newspaper office.
While Stephen
reads the article, Deasy jokes about the Jews in Ireland.

Both article and joke, are 'hints' for Stephen (Telemachus)
where he can find his father.