Eumaeus - 'Ulysses' - James Joyce

12am - 1am
'The Shelter'
Bloom - Ulysses
Stephen - Telemachus / Eumaeus
Skin the Goat - Eumaeus
-- Nerves

After Bloom has pulled Stephen from a street fight they're heading
for the cabman's shelter for a beverage. The shelter is mostly occupied
by sailors, telling their 'sailor stories'. Eventually, Bloom invites
Stephen to his house for a supper. Stephen accepts and they head for
Bloom's house.
Homeric Parallels can be found in the language used in this chapter:
false tales, concealment, avoidment and deception.
Odysseus, disguised as a beggar, meets his most loyal servant Eumaeus
and tells his false tales as a sailor. He only reveals his true identy
when he's assured of his son's and servant's loyalty.
Stephen rejects most of Bloom's remarks, from socialism to the reality
of soul.