Alec Douglas-Home (pronounced hume), born in 1903, was heir to the title of the Earl of Home. He was educated first at Eton, and then at Oxford. He first entered parliament in 1931, as a Conservative MP. After losing his seat in 1945, he regained it in 1950.

However, in 1951, his father died, and he became 14th Earl of Home. He resigned from his seat. He then became an influential member of the House of Lords, becoming leader of the house from 1957 to 1960. In 1963 he was elected leader of the Conservative Party after Harold Macmillan's resignation. In order to become Prime Minister he gave up his title, and returned to the Commons.

Having only being elected due to his status as a compromise candidate, he had trouble during his short period in office. His party was wracked by interned disputes, and little of consequence was accomplished. The Conservatives lost power in 1954, and he remained leader of the party for a further year. He remained a member of the house until 1974, serving as Foreign Secretary from 1970-1974, and then returned to the Lords, having been made a life peer.

He died in 1995.