Groovy, baby, heel groovy!

Zeezicht funk-o-rama is an internet radio station streaming via the network. As the name suggests, the music is rather funk orientated, or, in their own words (translated from Dutch):

"The best of Funk, Soul, Disco, Groovy Pop, Mellow, Lounge, Dance"

According to their website, they are streaming from their cafe in Breda, and the webcast we're hearing is apparently pumping through the cafe right this minute, which really makes me want to visit the place.

Apparently they have regular live bands and DJ's there as well, again, streaming the gigs over the net.

The music they're playing is certainly devoid of any brainless prefabricated pop a la Westlife or Darius, but instead playing Donald Fagen, Earth, Wind and Fire, Everything but the Girl, Massive Attack, Prince, assorted Reggae et al.

The quality of the webcast is ok at 56 k and is good enough to listen to it all day.

Recommended for all disciples of the church of the groove.
Ridderstraat 1
The Netherlands