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You might say this pissed me off. A lot. I mean, seriously.

21:16 <ueni> well, it should at least have the question mark removed from the title so people don't feel the need to respond 21:17 <ueni> ereneta: you're right. that was a complete waste of two minutes 21:19 <vuo> achtung! achtung! redundancy detected in node Love Canal 21:20 <QXZ> Dude... that's harsh, ueni. 21:21 <Templeton> guess I missed something here, eh, gents? 21:22 <arcanamundi> vuo - why not just put in a nuke request? 21:22 <ueni> I don't like your "talking to Jake" node : P 21:22 <donfreenut> how polite 21:22 <Templeton> yeah, I got that...where did you find it, in the first place? 21:23 <claypenny> apparently it's the shit-flingin' hour in the catbox. 21:23 <QXZ> ueni is obsessively stalking you, T. 21:23 <vuo> arcanamundi: do they help? 21:23 <LaylaLeigh> and I you 21:23 <Templeton>, I don't care if someone doesn't like it... 21:23 QXZdons anti-shit gear. 21:24 <Templeton> just answer the question, I'm curious 21:24 <m_turner> or politely mention it to an editor or god... or C! the other writeup and hope that someone will take note. 21:24 <Ereneta> My point was that talking to jake is a getting to know you node. Personally, I think it's kind of sweet. Belongs in a day log and not its own node, but sweet. 21:24 <ueni> ereneta pointed it out, actually 21:25 <Ereneta> I found it via My Friend Flicka where it was a softlink 21:26 <Templeton> ok, bout I do this...I put the stuff in my homenode, and nuke it? I'm not making anymore daylogs than I need to....I'd sooner nuke em...I can spare it 21:26 <claypenny> There's nothing quite like the constructive criticism of, "That sucked." 21:26 <Templeton> would this meet to your approval 21:27 Ereneta considers whether claypenny's last comment is constructive criticism... 21:27 <arcanamundi> vuo: sure. just post it, say that you think x supercedes y, and a mysterious godlike entity takes care of it... 21:27 ueni is a level zero newt whose approval means nothing 21:28 Harry Potter showers QXZ in 3 month old cow shit, not-so-fresh from the barn 21:28 <Templeton> oh well, no one responds, so it's gone.... 21:28 <Ereneta> My approval? Since when does my opinion pull any weight around here???!? 21:28 claypenny sticks to her beliefs that a polite *ahem* does better more good than a slap in the face. 21:29 m_turner> (IMLTHO, the node of Templeton's is approiately timeless to be not daylog material - it could happen on any day and isn't so much about the events of the day but of self discovery) 21:29 <Templeton> someone please kill the now empty node talking to Jake...if you see this...thank you 21:30 <Harry Potter> rude-ass bit ches. Let's have a party and drink about this whole mess. 21:30 <LaylaLeigh> whoa, HP, hands off 21:30 <bah> does anyone know if/when the honour roll is going to be implemented? 21:30 <ClockworkGrue> Daylogs get a bum rap, methinks. They are the Chandala of e2. 21:30 Ereneta thinks m_turner is kissing ass to those higher up the totem pole. In a respectful and appropriate way, I mean. Sir., my eye. 21:31 <claypenny> te he, better more. Just pick one. It's one of those deals! 21:31 <Ereneta> Timeless, my eye, I mean. 21:31 Harry Potter turns the fan on full blast and prepares the emergency backup power source for the upcoming storm. 21:31 <Templeton> well it doesn't matter, because it's gone....please take your GTKY debate to some other equally deserving node 21:32 EDB has swallowed Harry Potter. Mmmm... 21:33 <Ereneta> I wonder if we asked nicely, donfreenut would remove butterflucker mcfurgy. 21:33 Ereneta reminds himself to send donfreenut an -ahem-. 21:33 <futurebird> talking to jake is now blank? I liked that node!! 21:33 <brassmule> that man is a dirty, dirty person. 21:33<Ereneta> FYI, in case anyone cares, and I don't imagine they would. If you think one of my writeups is GTKY, don't fucking tell me. Please just downvote it and then nodevertise the hell out of it in the catbox. 21:34 EDB has swallowed brassmule. brassmule was tasty! 21:35 <Templeton> it is now on my homenode. enjoy it there. it makes more sense having it there, anyway 21:35 <QXZ> Yikes! 21:36 <Templeton> I only wish someone had msg'd ME about the node, directly. I mean, shit, I am the most approachable noder, you know? 21:37 <ueni> I was debating doing that when you showed up 21:38 QXZ stands in Templeton's personal space. 21:40 arcanamundi suddenly realizes, thanks to Templeton's homenode picture, that she may have gone to college with Walter, and has been totally unaware that he was *that* *Walter* all this time. And her brain explodes. 21:40 <Templeton> Well, for the NEXT GTKY node of mine that anyone comes across, please fucking tell ME and I will gladly convert it or delete it, please? 21:41 ueni duly notes 21:42 <Templeton> walter a cutie 21:42 Metacognizant confirms this 21:42 <vuo> this was unpredictable. 21:43 EDB has swallowed Templeton. keep 'em coming! 21:44 <donfreenut> oy. 21:44 <Metacognizant> swallowed for what, forgetting that each subject needs a predicate 21:44 <Metacognizant> edb's getting BORED 21:44 <arcanamundi> Walter very cute and possibly known before knowing of e2, which is verra strange experience pour moi. 21:45 siouxsie flips EDB the bird and goes back to watch STTNG. 21:46 <futurebird> Templeton is cute-- I thought the node was fine, rather sad and not namespaceing so I don't get it-- shrug.


2002.05.23@21:35 someone says I don't know who told you it was OK to have an alias account to do that sort of shit in public, but it is not. Fair warning enough?

Which shit was that, exactly?

Questions? Complaints? Please direct them to the person who did the borging.

Thank you for your time.