A super-hero published by DC Comics. The Red Bee first appeared in Hit Comics #1.

The Red Bee's secret identity was Rick Raleigh, and assistant D.A. in Superior City. Raleigh grew tired of seeing criminals escape justice due to the slowness of the court system and other issues, so he created a costumed identity to bring the evil-doers to justice. So the Red Bee was born.

Dressed in red mask, red-and-yellow striped tights, and a red shirt, the Red Bee fought the lawless in Superior City. He first brought local crime boss, "Boss" Storm, to justice using a combination of natural athleticism, shock tactics (the costume), and his secret weapon. The Red Bee kept a swarm of trained bees in the belt buckle of his costume that he released and used in battle. How Raleigh trained the bees and controlled them has never been revealed.

The Red Bee became a member of the All-Star Squadron soon after the beginning of World War II and fought along side its members with pride. While trying to turn back an invasion of the United States by Axis forces led by Baron Blitzkrieg, the members of the All-Star Squadron were captured with the exception of the Red Bee. Following Blitzkrieg to his hideout, the Red Bee found that his friends were to be killed one at a time until Hourman gave Blitzkrieg the formula for Miraclo. The Red Bee attacked Blitzkrieg to save the life of the Phantom Lady. The Red Bee was killed in the ensuing battle, but his sacrifice allowed the other members of the All-Stars time to defeat Blitzkrieg.