A hero published by Fawcett Comics, Charlton Comics and DC Comics. Hoppy the Marvel Bunny first appeared in Fawcett's Funny Animals #1 in 1942 and was created by Chad Grothkopf.

Hoppy was originally a mild mannered hare in a funny animal world. Though not particularly brave, he dreamed of being a hero. He often dreamed of sharing the same powers as his hero Captain Marvel, whose exploits he read of in comic books.

When Hoppy's girlfriend was threatened, Hoppy was inspired to call out the word Shazam!, and a bold of lightning came down, endowing him with the powers of Salamander, Hogules, Antlers, Zebreus, Abalone, and Monkury and became Hoppy the Marvel Bunny or Captain Marvel Bunny. Hoppy saved Millie and continued to fight evil in the land of funny animals.

When Hoppy was published by Charlton Comics, he was called Magic Bunny and they used him without the lightning bolt symbol on his costume. Later, after DC Comics bought the rights to the Marvel Family, Hoppy the Marvel Bunny appeared in at least two Captain Marvel comics, though one was thought to be a dream sequence, and at an issue of Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew.

Hoppy the Marvel Bunny's appearance in Captain Carrot was revealed to me by Jet-Poop, the master of all there is to know on the Zoo Crew.