A super-heroine published by DC Comics.

Kathy Kane is the real name of the hero known as Batwoman. Originally, Kathy worked as a circus acrobat and motorcycle stunt rider. When her uncle died and left her his fortune, Kathy left the circus and created a costumed identity with which to fight crime. Hence, Batwoman was born.

Taking her cues from Batman, Kane created a number of weapons and crime fighting equipment that she carried her utility purse which matched her costume. Batwoman also traveled on a Batcycle. Batwoman fought alongside Batman and Robin on a number of occasions and even paired up with her neice Betty Kane, who in the pre-Crises timeline was the original Batgirl.

Batwoman eventually retired, buying a circus. During one of Batman's adventures, assassins lead by the Sensei attacked Batman at Kane's circus, knocking him unconcious. When Batman recovered, he discovered that Kane had been murdered by the assassins. Batman went on to later avenge her death.