A superhero team created by John Byrne and published by Marvel Comics. Alpha Flight first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #120.

Alpha Flight was the premiere Canadian superhero team. Created from the dream of John MacDonald Hudson, Alpha Flight was administered under by the Canadian government under a group called Department H.

Hudson recruited those who had super powers and set them up in a training program. The program had at least three levels with the most highly-trained being dubbed Alpha Flight, the next level being Beta Flight, and the least trained being called Gamma Flight.

The team's first adventure was to try and retrieve their former member Wolverine when he and his associates the X-Men landed in Canada. The conflict was resolved with Wolverine willingly surrendered to the group, but he later escaped.

The original members of Alpha Flight were:


When Alpha Flight premiered in their own comic, two other members joined the group:


Over the course of their existence, Alpha Flight had a number of other heroes join their ranks. They include:

Diamond Lil
Wild Child

The group went through a number of crisis during its publication with its leader dying and being resurrected no less than twice. The team also has the first openly gay superhero in the Marvel Universe, Northstar. In Alpha Flight #106, Northstar announces in the midst of battle his sexual preference in reaction to a villain who has gone on a rampage because of the death of his son to AIDS. The revelation was one of the most ham-fisted handlings of a character in all comicdom, though it did make an impact in the mainstream media.