The spelling virger is not wholly obsolete; it is still the official title in some English cathedrals and churches. The task of the virger or verger is to keep the place neat and tidy, to have all the plate and vestments laid out, and to keep unruly elements in order. For this last purpose they may have a ceremonial staff or rod (Latin virga). One of the virgers at Exeter Cathedral is called the Dog Whipper.

The Church of England has a Guild of Vergers, so spelt, with a two-monthly magazine called The Virger. (I haven't seen a copy, but presumably how to whip up a new chasuble from those dowdy old albs, a quiz on Should You Stay a Virger?, and road-testing different kinds of font cover polish, but I digress.)

The most famous virgers so spelt are those of St Paul's Cathedral in London, now officially called stewards and virgers.