Jill Scott is the sultry R&B singer behind one of the best albums of recent years, Who is Jill Scott. Hailing from North Philadelphia she has a unique sound that has one her much critical acclaim. Scott started reading her poetry at the local October Gallery, while scrubbing theatre toilets to pay the bills. Jill also began touring with the Canadian cast of Rent.

Her style developed, 'Eventually some parts would be spoken, some sung', as she put it. She established her own spoken word cabaret, Words and Sounds. It was at this show that The Roots drummer, Amir, would hear her and tell producer, Scott Storch. The band invited her to the studio one night and she came in and wrote the lyrics of the song that would become You Got Me.

The next day Amir called Jill to tell her that the song would be their next single, however Erykah Badu would sing it, to bring some "star quality" to the track. The door appeared to have been shut on Scott. However full credit was given to her when the track won Best Rap Performance at the 1999 Grammies.

After further collaborations with Eric Bennet, Will Smith and Common Scott went on to write her own album, Who is Jill Scott. The album was a success, its now Platinum, with the first single, Gettin" in the Way, doing well in the charts.

After spending most of 2000 and 2001 touring Scott has released a live album, Experience: Jill Scott. Jill has already received two Grammy nominations for Best R&B album (Who is Jill Scott) and Best New Artist. She also received four NAACP Image Award nominations for Outstanding New Artist, Outstanding Female Artist, Outstanding Song (Gettin" In The Way) and Outstanding Album (Who is Jill Scott). In addition she received three Soul Train award nominations for Best R&B/Soul Single, Solo (A Long Walk), R&B/Soul Album of the Year, Solo (Who is Jill Scott), which she won and Best R&B/Soul or Rap New Artist, Solo. The Soul Train award was mistakenly given to Erykah Badu on the night but the error was corrected shortly afterwards.

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Who is Jill Scott

  1. Jilltro
  2. Do you remember
  3. Exclusively
  4. Gettin' in the way
  5. Long walk
  6. I think it's better
  7. He loves me
  8. It's love
  9. Way
  10. Honey molasses
  11. Love rain
  12. Roots
  13. Slowly surely
  14. One is the magic Number
  15. Watching me
  16. Brotha
  17. Show me
  18. Try - feat. Mos Def
  19. Love Rain - feat. Mos Def

This album is stunning, it is amazing, I love it and you should all own it. I want to make it clear how beautiful this record is. You don"t like R&B? So what, you"ll like this, there is jazz, soul and poetry as well. This is one of those great records, the music is so good that it transcends genre barriers and every music lover should have it.

The combination of her poetry and sensual vocals combine beautifully with the beats. There is rhythm in this album that I have never heard before and I don"t think anyone else can produce. As well as this astonishing rhythm her vocal skills outweigh those of fellow 'neo-soul' artists Lauryn Hill and Macy Gray. The only other music which manages to combine the flowing poetic vocals with such syncopation is 4 Hero.

Right after the intro you are hit with Do You Remember Me, a track that wonderfully illustrates the style of the album, poetry, sung and spoken. A Long Walk, a song that tells the story of how she met and fell for her fiancé Lyzel, is an intense track where a well designed musical backing does not infringe on Scott"s vocal talent.

The majestic One is the Magic Number shows that Scott has ability beyond quiet soulful crooning. The horns at beginning set the scene for the powerful piece of vocal gymnastics that follow. Scott's ability to vary her tempo and seemingly fit any words into any rhythm fascinates me.

How many ways can I say thank you for your kind words and your support of my 1st album. This album was truly a labour of love and respect for your ears. My/your album is selling so well because you are telling your friends about it. Word of mouth still works! Thank YOU. I've waited a long time to give birth to "Who is Jill Scott?" and here it is. Continue telling friends please. I LOVE THIS ALBUM. I thank YOU with all my heart. To God -all the glory. - Jill Scott

Experience Jill Scott

  1. Jilltro
  2. Show Intro
  3. Long Walk, A
  4. Love Rain
  5. Slowly Surely
  6. One Is The Magic #
  7. Do You Remember
  8. Gettin' In The Way
  9. It's Love
  10. Way, The