and other province-level administrative regions
of the
People's Republic of China
organized by geographic region

  • There are four principal types of region:
    1. the Province ('Sheng' 省),
    2. the province-level municipality ('Shih' 市) ),
    3. the Autonomous Region (labeled "A.R.") ('Zizhiju' 自治区) which theoretically gives various ethnic minorities control over their own affairs.
    4. the Special Administrative Region (特别行政区)
  • Provinces do not nest neatly into geographic regions; in a few cases I have had to "pick" one.
  • The preferred romanization is the Pinyin system devised by the Chinese government.  My initial source for this writeup, a 1970 Times Atlas of China, used a mixture of the older Wade-Giles system and the even older Post Office System.  After using the atlas's W-G/Pinyin table and scanning a few websites I was able to find all of the current spellings, (as well as changes to the list made since 1970).  If the atlas used a different spelling for an area's name, it follows the Pinyin spelling in parentheses.

"Manchuria" North China Plain Yangtze River Basin Southern Coast Mountainous West Also: Gritchka had the effrontery to correct four mistakes I made, curse him. curses also to dharmaraja for another correction.

Many, many thanks to shro0m for the idea of labeling provinces with Chinese characters. These were found (for the most part) on, then converted to entities using tongpoo's wonderful little javascript in Using Unicode on E2. Many thanks again to dharmaraja for proofreading them.

Now, give your accolades to dharmaraja's fabulous writeup, which follows this one. I am in awe.