I have many suggestions, the best one I can think of right now is to create a system of icons for "my achievements" that could be displayed optionally on a user's homenodes. Nothing too big, just little .png images to show the things in "my achievements", as well as on completion of a quest. alex sez: Already part of the plan. Haven't found designers and coding time for it yet.
My second suggestion would be that the level names be renamed, with much more input from the users. I know that the fashionable opinion is to say that "XP is an imaginary number given to you as strangers, treat it as such", but I actually have some emotional investment in the work I do here on e2. When all of us from e2 meet in our secret global conspiracy meetings, ala Seele in Neon Genesis Evangelion, I don't think we should greet each other as Poobah. Or even Grand Poobah. Apparently this belongs somewhere else, and my complaint came at the wrong time. mauler says: GF, please don't imply that level titles were simply imposed without much input from users. I had a node up for quite a while in Novemebr so that users could comment on the level titles, and numerous noders took advantage. I took pretty much all reasonable suggestions for name changes. Some people actually felt there weren't *enough* silly titles like "poobah." You can't please everyone, I guess.

There should be a way to see how long the catbox topic has been up. Sometimes I want to change the topic, but it would be rude to change it if its only been up a few hours.