Oolong, the pancake balancing rabbit was born in late 1994 and lived in Hokkaido Japan and died on January 7, 2003.

His owner, Hironori Akutagawa, liked to take pictures of his rabbit balancing things on his head, playing in the snow, posing with bunny related trinkets and being in someone's lap.

Around August 2001, Oolong gained some nano-notoriety when non-Japanese speakers happened along his website and confused his balancing acts with animal abuse.

Oolong's owner discovered that his rabbit had an interesting ability to balance odd objects on his head, and started taking pictures of Oolong in 1998.

Some things Oolong has balanced on his head :

Sometimes Oolong's owner just took pictures of him eating things and lying around.

You can see pictures of Oolong at http://www.fsinet.or.jp/~sokaisha/rabbit/rabbit.htm

"Rest in peace my furry pastry-laden friend." :(