Interesting things about binary:
  • Without Binary the modern day computer would cease to exist. Everything entered into a computer is converted into Binary. If you type in the letter "B" it is converted to the Binary "01000010" by your keyboard which sends the information to the CPU. Binary is somewhat like morse code, it is sent to the CPU in a series of electronic pulses. High voltage pulses are consisdered 1's and low voltage pulses are considered 0's.
  • A single 1 or 0 is one bit. There are eight bits in a byte (That is why each letter consists of eight ones or zero's). This means that one 1.44 MB disk holds over 1 million letters or characters (Which means that it holds over 8 million 1's and 0's in total!).
  • CD-ROM's are based on Binary (whether or not a hole (Micropit) is present on the CD-ROM--the laser picks this up).
  • John Atanasoff was the first person to think of using Binary with computers.
  • Electronic circuits use Binary in logic decisions (True/False, etc.)
  • Binary was a counting system long before computers as we know them were even thought of.