Off of I-29 North in North-Western Missouri, take Highway 159 West. Soon you will round a corn field and see a narrow bridge across the Mississippi River, and then to the town of Rulo, Nebraska. (Pop. 265) If you blink you will miss the whole town. It's not really on the main road that you come in on, but nonetheless the town is but a speck.

The funny thing is, if you go there at the end of July, you may notice groups of a certain plant growing next to the road, and out in pastures, and along side rivers, creeks, or bodies of water. When you finally realize you're standing next to a 7 foot member of the Cannabis family, don't freak out and yell at your friends like you just arrived on The Beach. (The movie with Leonardo DiCaprio)

For those who think they've scored the stash of a lifetime, think again. It's impotent ditch-weed. Worthless. AKA: Hemp grown during WWII