Exercise log:
  • Pushups: 45 (I was tired.)
  • Side-kicks: 40, each side (a milestone)
  • Situps: 115 (I'm going to hafta switch to crunches; situps are getting boring.)

Insomnia log: None. Maybe this exercise thing really does help. I'm tempted to try drinking coffee every now and then, just to see if that was the cause of the insomnia, or if lack of exercise was responsible.

I have a date! I asked her out last night. I'm not sure what we're going to do yet; probably something simple, like dinner and a movie, or miniature golf or something. But if that goes well, I'm thinking of taking her on a glider ride the next day. I've always wanted to go on one. I wonder how expensive they are, and if two people can go at once...