Exercise log:
  • Pushups: 35
  • Situps: 75
  • Side-kicks: 35

Insomnia: None, although I stayed up too late playing the Counterlife mod for Half-life and overslept. It was worth it.
Tongue log: Still have a divot in the top where the top ball rests, which means it's still a little bit swollen. I sound less drunk now, though it still twinges now and then when I talk for a while.

Going to a costume party this weekend with that girl I like. I hafta come up with a costume, which is the main reason I hate halloween. I'm dark and I dress wierd all year round, so when halloween comes up, I find it silly to come up with a costume. I'm thinking of going either as a raver or as Bug-Eyed Earl from Red Meat.

In other news, I've hardlinked to the girl you want to be your girlfriend far too often in this past week. Someone please kill me.