The Creek - A twisting, muddy creek occupied most of my spare hours when I lived on the farm. With a concrete dam that made a waterfall when it rained, and a half-built fort that my best friend & I would sit in for hours and just talk. The creek itself was the home of many forays into the neighbour's property, as well as running gun battles with imaginary guns. Crouched in the running water you could hear the birdcalls, the water tumbling down over small limestone outcroppings accompanying the melody calls, the rest of the world shut out by the brush covered banks.

The fort also became a headquarters of sorts for our frequent flights of fancy, and was the home of numerous alternate time-lines and worlds, discussions of the X-men's Summers Clan and of course, girls.

The Dam - At the back corner of our property, shared with three other owners was the dam. Big enough that we could swim in it, murky and muddy enough that we didn't.

The main feature of the dam was the 6' high mounds of dirt that must have come from its excavation. They provided a barrier against the house and the rest of the property, and thus the area became a quiet refuge from feuding families and physical chores.

The Dam was even quieter than the creek, with the only sound being the soft snorting of the nearby horses, or of distant cows calling out to each other.

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