I’m afraid our friend xdjio has complicated matters unnecessarily. If what you need in order to accelerate time is a weaker gravitational field, you don't need labfulls of equipment - all you need to do is lose weight! Try it! If you lose ten pounds, your popularity with the other/same sex will skyrocket, and this will get you laid more often. As we all know, sex is fun, and time flies* when you’re having fun! Lose ten more pounds, and you can get to the prestigious state of a super-model, getting as much sex, admiration, money and psychiatric treatment as you want. That sounds like fun! Lose ten more pounds and time will be flying so fast through emergency rooms and eating-disorder wards, you’ll be dead in no time at all.
OK – perhaps it’s time to slow things down and go get myself a pizza.
* Actually, time flies very close to the speed of light, causing all kinds of temporal disorders. However, the whole thing renormalizes eventually. We hope.