Today Haiku

I fought a migraine
Wayne told me that he loves me
My damn car won't start

8:05 am: Arrived home and realized I had an hour to get ready for class. I started the coffee, set the alarm for fifteen-till just in case, and lay down to wait for the pot to brew.

10:20 am: Awoke, realized there were twenty minutes of class left, resigned myself to my absence, and drifted back to la-la land.

4:30 pm: Awoke (again) and took a long, hot bath. My head started throbbing with that special brand of uber-headache that lets me know my day is as good as ruined. As an alcoholic, I can't take anything more than ibuprofen for it, and that doesn't even begin to touch these babies...not even 800 mg doses. Damn.

6:30 pm: Play Rehearsal. The headache made it very hard to concentrate on blocking tonight, not to mention the fact that the slightest sound was like an icepick in my skull. Shelley and Melanie were sweet enough to give me a neckrub, but it didn't help much.

9:00 pm: Got home and signed onto AOL, which is of the devil, but almost a necessity for internet dating around here. Wayne pounced, and we chatted for an hour before he returned to something he asked a week ago. What do I think about a relationship? I had been flippant before and gave him a textbook answer of what I thought a healthy relationship required, but now I was honest. I don't know. Is it an academic question this time, or a proposal? A proposal. It scares me. It scares him, too, but he's falling in love with me. Oh shit. Head throbbing, I wasn't able to deal with this. Not now. I have to run to Wal Mart...will you be on in an hour? He would. I logged off and got in the bathtub, and cried. I don't know if they were happy tears, tears because the pain won't stop, or tears because the pain might just be starting again.