I was on the bus the other day, with 2 friends. We were bringing back loaves of bread to the dorms, and they were in a bag. The bus stopped suddenly, and one of the loaves fell out on the ground. My friend proceeded to pick up the loaf, brush off where it touched the ground, and said "Five Second Rule," and put it back in the bag. I normally wouldn't even remember a thing like this, but immediately, the third person said "It's disgusting, you have to throw it out."

We got into a discussion, and it kept on coming back to the same point; nobody really believes that something that fell on the floor for five seconds is unhealthy or dangerous, but "Adults" don't do it. It's like the commercial, where the Dad says "I'm the one saying 'don't touch the cookie on the floor', when I'm really thinking 'five second rule.'" Suddenly, you're an adult.