If you are a fan of reading my daylogs, you might be aware that, for the past few days I have been rather ill. The cold seemed to peak on Monday night, and has tapered off a bit since then, although I still feel rather debilitated and all around miserable. My head is stuffy, my sinuses are backed up worse than Pittsburgh traffic, and I have been in need of much more sleep than usual. It is more than likely the seasonal cold I get every September (last year I was hit by it the hardest on September 11) and every Spring (yeah yeah, so I can't remember the month I get it in the Spring right now). Mom keeps telling me to dress for cold weather in the morning, and warm in the afternoon. She is right, of course, but I like to feel the fresh, cool air in the morning right up against my skin - so, of course, I do not wear a jacket.

At any rate, I am ill.

I happened to mention my illness to Jennifer many times (usually in the form of a complaint about something or other hurting) so she knew I was feeling sickly. She told me she would come over to my place after she got off work (she Co-Ops right now) and we would watch Star Wars (I am getting her hooked!). I was thrilled! I love watching movies with her.

So, the clock rolls around to her usual time, and I hear the knock on my window (no doorbel for my effeciency). I dust myself off, and go out to greet her. Alas! she is no where in sight! I turn to my left, and what do I see? A dozen roses in a vase, along with a card, and cough drops, in my mailbox.

I felt like melting.

I may have swooned.

It was about as hot as a blast furnace outside, so I quickly gathered up the presents, and took them in to my room. I left the doors open, of course, as I wanted to go search for my mystery gift-bringer. I took a walk around the corner, and saw her coming out of her car, walking towards me.

She is so kind.

She brought me the Office Space Divx CD! Many hugs were given to her, right there on the sidewalk (I am generally not a fan of public displays of affection). My room smells like roses, and I can smell them in spite of my stuffy nose.

Thank you, Jennifer.