It's hard to believe that there are only 3 weeks of summer classes left in the term. 3 and a half if you cound the remaining 2 days I have this week. Overall I think it was a good idea for me to take 12 credits this summer. It gives me flexibility, takes care of the last couple prerequisites, and kept me busy for 3 months. Unfortunately, I'm probably not going to be pulling anything better than a B in Java, and a B in Physics 2. I'm still holding out for my A in Statistics, but after being stumped for an hour on an 8 point question on yesterday's exam, I feel hope as a fleeting emotion.

At any rate, Otakon is in 2 weeks and change, and I'm going as Kefka. I'm damn excited.

I really need to be going. Java exam tomorrow. Teacher is scaring me.