Alameda County Transit, serving the cities of Oakland, Berkeley, Emeryville, Richmond and Alameda. It is more expensive then San Francisco's MUNI (but is free to UC Berkeley students), and is overall a poorer transit system, perhaps due to the de-centralized nature of Alameda County. Its buses, however, are clean and in good shape, and it MOSTLY runs on time. The perimeter seats on the rear provide for easy (if sometimes frightening) conversation with strangers. Its most useful routes are the transbay lines connecting Alameda County to San Francisco (A for Oakland, F for Berkeley) , which are cheapter then the BART and some of which run 24 hours. They also provide for a scenic view of the bay. Two useful facts about the system that I had to figure out for myself are that it provides a cheap and un-impacted route (98 and 49) from the Coliseum BART to the Oakland airport, and that the way to get to Berkeley from SF after midnight is to take the A to downtown Oakland and then the 40 to Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley. does automatic route planning for AC, BART, MUNI and a number of other systems.