I thought about noding this after reading evidence for lack of intelligent design in humans. I thought about adding this as a w/u there, but it doesn't quite fit in with what I want to say.

The human body has several organs that don't make sense. The two most obvious are the appendix and the sacral bone. The appendix, as you may or may not know, is a "pocket" at the end of your large intestine. Stuff acummulates in it. If you're lucky, you never know it's there. If you're unlucky, doctors have to take it out, because it becomes inflamed. If you're very unlucky, it explodes, and you die. (Seriously, my dad's appendix burst. He almost died.) So what is it good for? In cows, it help with digestion. In humans, it is mostly good for interns who need to practice simple operations. It has no useful function. It is proof humans evolved from cows. (kidding).

The sacrum, or tail bone, is just what it is. It's what really hurts what you bang the top of your bum. It serves no purpose, other than looking funny on X-rays. Unless you are a devout non-believer in evolution, you'll agree it's a remnant of a tail. Proof humans evolved from lemurs. (kidding again).

And now to my personal favourite: the palmaris longus muscle. This is a muscle in your forearm. Actually, it's a muscle that 90% of people have in both forearms. It's a flexor muscle for the hand. It lies just under the flexor carpi radialis. Bunch your hand up into a fist. Now flex your hand (this means that, palm up, bring your hand towards you). How many tendons do you see? If you see just one, that's the flexor carpi radialis. If you see two, that's the fcr and the palmaris longus. We don't need it. It's a weak muscle that is not useful. Less and less people have it every generation. Like I said, 10% of the population have it missing in one or both arms.

There is also a similar muscle in the leg. And the foot has too many muscles for its function. The foot has about as many muscles as the hand. See what you can do with your hand, compared to what you can do with your foot. It doesn't make sense. Unless we developed from creatures who use their feet much like they use their hands. Proof humans evolved from koala bears. (I'm kidding, enough already).

We don't need to look very far for proof for evolution. It's right here.

Azure Monk:
You are right, of course. Then again, evidence might even be too strong a word. I chose the word "proof" because it goes well with my bad jokes in the middle.