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My flatmate and I installed a LAN at home yesterday. We can both connect to the net together now, and the phone line isn't taken. It took us about 10 hours to configure it, and we still couldn't do it properly, what with him running Windows 98 and me running W2K. A friend came over to help us, and we finally made me a proxy. It works. Hooray!

Last friday I had a gig that sucked farts out of dead seagulls. The guitar player we played with is HORRIBLE. But he got us the gig. The drummer really suffered the whole night, but I didn't care. I was just there, playing and not listening to the guitar. This is wrong to do generally, but it would just have upset me.

With my serious jazz band (We named our selves Trio La), I'm preparing for a quite important show we have on the 8th of November. Of course it will just end up being a not-too-important thing at the end, but at the moment, it seems important because some people from other pubs will be coming to see us, so we can get quite a few shows if we're good.

My ex just called me. She came back from New-Zealand. she loves to talk on the phone, apparently, and I don't. So after a short while I get tired of our conversation. She's bloody impossible to stop, too. Just like my mother. Yes, yes, Freud blah blah blah. Sometimes I want to be in touch with her and sometimes not. Right now, it's not. I guess that's how it is with ex's. You just can't have a normal relationship with them anymore.