Karl Malone is a cheap shot artist. Plain and simple.

The following is a list of his atrocities:

In college he threw a blatent elbow that ended Dave Ramer’s career. Required him to have reconstructive surgery to his face.

Malone sent a deliberate elbow into the face of Lewis Loyd, causing him to get stitches.

After Isiah Thomas lit up Malone’s long time friend and running mate, John Stockton, in their previous meeting. Malone dropped Thomas with a vicious elbow in the next game they faced each other. Thomas needed 40 stitches to stop the bleeding. He was suspended one game and fined $10,000.

Malone knees Donyel Marshall in the ribs, breaking one rib and ending his season.

Elbowed David Robinson in the head, knocking him unconscious. Suspended one game and fined $5,000

Broke Joe Klein’s nose, requiring plastic surgery to repair it.

Kneed Shawn Bradley in the stomach, causing a contusion, causing Bradley to miss some of the game. Was not fined for this, but WAS fined $10,000 for an earlier elbow thrown at Bradley.

Malone has always had the reputation as a dirty player, going all the way back to college. Many players in the NBA have called him the dirtiest player in the league. I refuse to list someone with the history he has as a dirty player, and big time choker in big games, a great player.