The father of Beowulf, from the Old English poem of the same title. In Old English his name is spelled Ecgþēowes. He is the brother-in-law of Hygelac. His wife, and Beowulf's mother, is the only daughter of Hrethel, the King of the Geats. The mother is not given a name in the text and she really only pops up when Beowulf says something like " mother, the daughter of Hrethel, blah blah blah." Ecgtheow is dead at the time of the poem's beggining, but it is made known that he has a strong and favorable legacy. Ecgtheow is not Geatish, and probably belonged to a Swedish family by the name of Waegmunding. This, of course, does not prevent Beowulf from becoming king of the Geats.