Yeah. I'm with that.

Look at me! I don't have cancer today! Hey! My child made it to school without being hit by a bus! Holy shit -how very lucky I am that I and my dear ones are not getting murdered by "ethnic cleansings"!

I try to remember this when I am working at my job where I do my very best to manage a large amount of critical network infrastructure with an understaffed and hard-working team, only to get snarky remarks in the elevator about how the network sucks... and then to find out that this means that there was air gap between the user's PC and printer. And other, similar stresses of the IT worker.

It helps, mostly. It's sort of similar to when my spouse and I were newlyweds, and were in credit card debt, broke and desperate. We'd look at each other and say, "tell me a joke!" Sometimes you need to enumerate the funny and good merely to survive.