Deine Lakaien is a darkwave style musical act, founded in 1985 by Ernst Horn (synth and other sound) and Alexander Veljanov (vocals) in Nuremburg. But despite this description, many people have trouble classifying Deine Lakaien, as they mix a number of sounds, and use a variety of alternative methods of producing sounds in place of a synth. This was well demonstrated in their Acoustic tour in 1995, where they used a prepared grand piano instead of electronic instruments.

Deine Lakaien is German for "Your Lackeys".


Deine Lakaien, 1986 - self distributed by the band, and later re-released by Chrom Records in 1991.
Dark Star, 1991 - On ClassX Records (the name was later changed to Chrom)
2nd Star, 1991 - On ClassX
Forest Enter Exit, 1993 - On ClassX
MindMachine, 1994 - On ClassX
Acoustic, 1995 - On ClassX. This is an audio of the Acoustic tour.
Winter Fish Testosterone, 1996 - On ClassX
Return Single, 1999 - On Chrom Records
Kasmodiah, 1999 - On Chrom
Into My Arms Single, 1999 - On Chrom
Generators Single, 2001 - On Chrom
White Lies, 2001 - On Chrom