Dick Clark is a vampire

Ask anyone if they think Dick Clark is a vampire and I would be willing to bet that most will agree. This guy lives on the energy of people (American Bandstand) and is always walking the crowded streets at night (New Years Rockin' Eve). Have you ever seen him in daylight? Does he seem frozen in time--ageless? Sure, he appears to be friends with Ed McMahon, but this single association with a mortal and his periodic interludes as a television host for Bloopers could easily be his cover. This nocturnal beast may well be the Vampire King, lord of those who hunt the night. He has excellent cover as a public figure who collects prey through his address-tracking front --Publishers Clearinghouse. Go on, send it in, if you want to fall victim to this most unsuspecting character! Although Clark has defined himself as a figurehead of the entertainment business, it is quite possible that his legacy extends beyond his accountable public existence. There are some that will go so far as to suggest that Dick Clark's real identity is none other than the original Vampire: the Count Dracula himself, hiding right in the open as a celebrity -- truly the last place anyone would expect!